Inky Johnson

Inky Johnson

Inquoris "Inky" Johnson was playing in a normal college football game in Neyland Stadium on September 9, 2006. He played cornerback for the Tennessee Volunteers and the game was against Air Force Academy.

What started as a typical game ended with a life-threating injury for Inky, and nothing has been "typical" for him ever since. He faces daily pain and constant physical challenges due to his paralyzed right arm, the result of that football game more than a decade ago.

Who is Inky Johnson? He's the survivor of an underprivileged past, a refugee of violence and poverty. He is a man who looks into the face of defeat and overcomes. He has relentless determination, which he loves to impart to others through his powerful and dramatic story.

Through his walk and his talk, Inky embodies and imparts a truly inspirational message. All who hear him benefit from the raw energy of his charismatic speaking, as he inspires audiences to embrace the challenges of life and overcome them with power and pride.

Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis is a sales and leadership expert preparing individuals and companies to embrace change and achieve breakthrough performance. With over 20 years of experience, Ryan has worked with the world's best brands to initiate change, inspire innovation, and deliver growth.

Ryan has been recognized as one of "the best keynote speakers ever heard," with presentations that include customized insight and original research. He emphasizes actionable content designed to elevate business performance. He'll inspire you to walk away with practical insight, plenty of energy, and powerful, relevant stories that resonate long after the meeting ends.

Alex Rico Alex Rico

Alex Rico

Alex has been with iSolved Partner Support for over two years. He spends all of his free time in the great outdoors. Some of his favorite activities include hiking, camping, and fishing with his dog Olive, friends, and family!

Bruce Dennis Bruce Dennis

Bruce Dennis

Bruce has been with iSolved for more than seven years, four of which have been focused on the iSolved Network. His passions outside of work include sports of all kinds, BBQ contests, home brewing, and traveling with his wife, Linda.

Carolyn Chase Carolyn Chase

Carolyn Chase

Carolyn started as a FSR with iSolved in 2014 after spending the prior 10 years in HR and Finance. In June of 2016 she joined the Solutions Engineer team, where, as a Sr. Solutions Engineer, she is able to use her own work experiences to relate iSolved functionality to prospects specific needs. She lives in Littleton, CO with her 15-year-old son and two dogs, enjoys the beauty and outdoor lifestyle Colorado offers, but will always consider Oregon home in her heart. She loves the Denver Broncos, but like her heart, her blood is green and gold for the Oregon Ducks.

Chris Mantua Chris Mantua

Chris Mantua

Chris has been with the iSolved product development team for over seven years. He has been married for 30 years and enjoys spending time with his wife and their 4 children. He is a diehard Washington (DC) sports fan, loves playing basketball and is an avid golfer.

Crystal Summey Crystal Summey

Crystal Summey

Crystal has been with iSolved for 4 years. She has 2 children and 4 fur babies that she loves to spend her free time with. She enjoys reading and any activities outside during the summer months.

Dawn Bilski Dawn Bilski

Dawn Bilski

Dawn has been married for over 25 years and has two teenage boys and a blind cocker spaniel, she is an avid runner and Cleveland sports fan, who also enjoys binge watching Netflix, and playing poker with her large extended family. She has been with iSolved for seven years as a business analyst.

Derek Oberg Derek Oberg

Derek Oberg

Derek is an experienced technical writer who has worked for iSolved and its previous brands for more than 18 years. He enjoys comic books and Science Fiction, and he loves to read, even when he doesn't necessarily have the time for it.

Joan McAlister Joan McAlister

Joan McAlister

Joan is a die-hard Buffalo Bills football fan. She loves to travel and is working on knocking off places to visit from her bucket list as fast as she can. She has three grandchildren and since they live in Buffalo, it is always first on her list to visit each year. Joan leads the training side of iSolved and has been with the company for six years.

Karen Shoemaker Karen Shoemaker

Karen Shoemaker

Karen has been working in the payroll industry for over 13 years. In her spare time, she exercises and watches home improvement shows. She is an avid fan of her kids' high school bands and looks forward to the last year of volunteering with her husband at the games this year.

Kelli Rico Kelli Rico

Kelli Rico

Kelli has worked with iSolved for 7 years. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors. Some of her favorite hobbies are camping, boating, cheering on the Utah Utes football team and watching her son play sports.

Laura Burlingame Laura Burlingame

Laura Burlingame

Laura has been with iSolved for 11 years and has extensive knowledge in Payroll, Tax and PEO. She and her husband are Purdue alumni and love supporting their sports teams. She has 3 children and a precious granddaughter that she spends her free time with.

Lauren Hanna Lauren Hanna

Lauren Hanna

Lauren Hanna is a Partner Enablement/Migration SME for the iSolved Network. She is responsible for onboarding new partners to the iSolved platform as well as assisting partners with converting data from their old platforms to iSolved. Lauren is an Army veteran and college graduate. She came to iSolved from a direct client, and her enthusiasm for the product remains evident in all the work she does. She contributes calm expertise in a variety of ways that keeps partners on track to their goals.

Lina Tonk Lina Tonk

Lina Tonk

Lina Tonk has over 15 years of experience in the marketing field, 8 of which have been with iSolved. She specializes in product/campaign and event marketing, leading the marketing team operations with innovative vision and perspective. When Lina is not training for marathons, she spends her time at the pool with her husband, Chris, watching their daughter and son swim competitively.

Mark Gold Mark Gold

Mark Gold

Mark loves spending time with his family, especially his two grandchildren. He likes to read, cook and enjoys camping with family as well. He loves to play racquetball and play the flute (just not together!). He has been with iSolved for 9 years and has worn many hats. He has over 15 years' experience in Benefit Administration and HR.

Megan Nielson Megan Nielson

Megan Nielson

Megan loves to bake and especially eating the fruit of her labors. She is an 80's music buff and an avid reader. When not baking, eating, or reading, she's enjoying spending time with her husband and three crazy kids. She is an experienced trainer on the benefits module of iSolved and has been part of the team for nearly 10 years.

Mike Kempke Mike Kempke

Mike Kempke

Mike is originally from Ohio but moved to Utah as a child. His time in Utah has been broken up from time to time by his service in the U.S Army. His experiences from playing in the big sandboxes called Iraq and Saudi Arabia, drinking German beer during Octoberfest and sharing meals with the Korean people have infected him with the travel bug to this day. Mike has been with iSolved for two years, holding roles in implementation and training.

Mike Kolby Mike Kolby

Mike Kolby

Mike has over twenty years' experience in the Time and Attendance Industry. He enjoys the outdoors and sitting down to a good book or a movie. Most of his free time he dedicates to his wife and two kids.

Natalie Keenan Natalie Keenan

Natalie Keenan

Natalie has been a Business Analyst with iSolved for 10 years. She is married and lives in Cleveland, OH where she is an avid sports fan and has been a season ticket holder with the Cleveland Browns (yes, that's right, the Browns) for over 20 years. She loves animals, summer gardening and vacationing to sunny destinations with family and friends.

Stacey Boyd Stacey Boyd

Stacey Boyd

Stacey is excited to start her 23rd year with the company and to be a part of this fast-paced, ever changing and growing company. She enjoys time with her family. Having 4 kids, she spends most her spare time running to various sporting events and enjoys exploring with her kids in forests, lakes & fishing, and gardening. More recently, Stacey found a new passion in Axe Throwing in a team building activity!

Tony Jacobsen Tony Jacobsen

Tony Jacobsen

Tony is an outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and is an avid University of Utah Football fan. He has been in the Accounting, HR and Payroll industry for more than 15 years.

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